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Fresh and Clean offer hand hygiene programs that are designed to meet your requirements – with a range of soaps, sanitisers, and hand drying solutions to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. Keep your workplace healthy and safe by leaving your washrooms in our capable hands.


Hand drying is just as important as hand washing. Improperly dried hands aren’t just bad for hygiene. They can actually contribute to the spread of bacteria – on both yourself and in the washroom. 

Whether you prefer traditional, tried-and-tested cloth towel dispensers (invented by Alsco), or super-fast drying jet dryers, Alsco have the range of products to work for your business. 


An excellent standard of hygiene is easy to come by with the right washroom products. Our range of dispensers for soap and skincare products provide optimal hygiene for washroom visitors. Sealed bottle refills make for simple and sanitary maintenance. 

In running a business, there are a million details to take care of. We aim to make washroom products the least of your concerns! Choose from a range of hand soap and sanitiser refills. 

Soft and luxurious, foam soap leaves users with clean and moisturised hands. Sealed refill bottles reduce the risk of cross-contamination when loading in their compatible dispensers. 

Ensure the most effective cleaning by choosing the right formulation for your needs. Formulations include mild, extra hygiene, oil and grease, hair and body, and sanitising alcohol gel. 

Our heavy duty soap with natural grit is designed for industrial environments, where it is important to have an effective hand-washing and cleaning solution that can remove heavy dirt, oil and grease, whilst being kind to the skin. 

Whether your business requires an extra boost against pathogens, or frequent hand cleaning without access to water, hand sanitiser is a great option. Our high-quality formulations are easy on skin and contain moisturising ingredients, leaving hands refreshed and healthy. 

Create a barrier to protect hands against skin irritation from sticky, irritating and staining industrial substances with a water soluble, greaseless barrier cream. 


Exceptionally well-designed, our dispensers look smart, work reliably and make a better impression on your washroom visitors. Available in black, white, stainless, manual or sensor-activated, we have a dispenser to cover your needs.


The cleanliness of your washrooms say a great deal about your business.Not only that, it affects the morale and very health of your staff and visitors.  Fresh & Clean offer a wide range of highly-effective, regularly-maintained washroom services for your business.

Our sanitary disposal service provides female employees and visitors with absolute comfort and peace-of-mind. 

Fresh & Clean’s environmentally responsible service means visitors to your washrooms never have to deal with unpleasant smells, thanks to our bio-degradable, anti-bacterial, perfumed liners. Slim, standard or large sized units with manual or automatic lids are available. 

A simple and effective solution for hygienic, discrete nappy disposal – no matter your washroom environment. 

Too few washrooms facilitate baby changing, which is why we have created a Nappy Disposal Service. With large capacity, hygienic containers and regular maintenance, our nappy disposal units are a convenient answer to meeting the basic needs of the little ones visiting your washroom. 

Attack the problem at the source by eliminating unwanted bacteria and the odours they cause. 

Our automated sanitisers fit most plumbing installations, can be customised using the latest technology, and provide consistent, timed and metered dosing – working all day even when cleaners are not on site. Sanitisers not only have a pleasant fragrance but help clean and remove surface deposits and prevent scaling. Available in white, black or silver. 

Convenient, long lasting and highly effective, our toilet seat sanitisers help make sure your washrooms are safe, fresh and germ free. 

Our sanitisers contain a high power anti-bacterial solution that removes 99.99% of bacteria and other microbes. Available as a wall-mounted dispenser in white or black, in either spray or antibacterial wipe format.


Avoid cross-contamination and maintain a respectable and hygienic appearance in your restroom. 

Made from 100% recycled material and composed of anti-microbial properties which reduce bacterial growth. Our fast drying, high quality, slip resistant mats not only look great they suppress odours for up to a month and help reduce any slips or falls. 


Biological Treatment provides your washrooms with a revolutionary new solution to keeping them sparkling clean and safe with minimal effort. 

Low water flows contribute to the growth of bacteria in liquid which sits and stagnates. As these bacterial breed and multiply they cause unpleasant odours.  This unique pro-biotic solution eliminates nasty microbes, dirt and odours. The positive effects can be seen within 24 hours. Regular servicing keep traps and pipes unblocked, hygienic and may result in a reduced water consumption. 

Urinal System 
Fits in most urinals with some modification. Great for waterless, individual or long run steel urinals. Immediate results are easily demonstrated. 

Floor Drain Service 
Fits underneath existing floor drain covers, comes in a range of sizes and fits most floor drains. 

The Biological Treatment is a revolutionary new way to keep your workplace washrooms nice and clean, without the use of aggressive chemicals that hurt the environment.

Do you believe that those urinals and nasty odours are there to stay and that it’s just a normal state of washroom that is used by the entire company? Think again.

Do you think that the only way to keep your washroom under control is with strong, toxic chemicals? With Alsco New Zealand, you’ll know better.

Alsco has the solution – in every sense of that word. It’s effective. It’s powerful. It’s also eco-friendly. The new ‘Biological Treatment’ is precisely that.

This is the first time that this amazing technology is used in New Zealand. It doesn’t simply clean. It prevents the future buildups of dirt and germs altogether. With this, you’ll forget you ever had to put up with unsanitary washrooms.


  • Intensive cleaning that eliminates all germs
  • Uses bio-soaps and good “bugs”
  • Effects visible within 24 hours
  • Permanent solution
  • Quarterly servicing and block replacement

The best way to remove dirt and germs is to find something that eats it. That’s precisely what Alsco offers. Our amazing Biological Solution is packed with harmless “bugs” that consume bacteria and other germs without damaging the washroom surfaces.

While toxic chemicals are not environmentally friendly, they are also a one-time solution. With our “hungry microbes” those horrible, smelly buildups are a thing of a past. The effects last longer and the environment is saved.

Alsco uses them in a form of solution to clean your washrooms, but we also leave the blocks to maintain the level of hygiene we created. Also, our representatives will come regularly to clean your washrooms again, replace the solution and blocks.



Urinal bays, toilets, shower cubicles and basins are difficult to clean – normal cleaning simply isn’t enough to keep your washrooms safe and presentable for your visitors. A Fresh & Clean, Deep Clean uses an environmentally friendly chemical and is as thorough as possible, removing even the most deeply encrusted dirt, mould, mildew and fungi from the most awkward spots – even under taps and S-bends. 

However hard you try, regular cleaning services will always leave something behind. It is just too hard to reach all the difficult areas and scrub all the dirt away. That’s why, in time, you need a more thorough and systematic cleaning.

Otherwise, you are risking the health of your employees and visitors, as well as your business reputation.

Alsco’s Deep Cleaning services offer just what you need. We clean every little detail of your workplace washroom, down to the every single tile.

Our systems rely on powerful chemicals and high-tech equipment. Both of these are designed especially for complete elimination of dirt, filth, uric acid buildups and different germs. All that is left is a spotlessly clean, sanitary and healthy washroom.

As part of Alsco’s managed rental service, we will regularly clean your washrooms on a schedule chosen by yourself. We already provide this service to many businesses in New Zealand.

There is no area too difficult to reach for Alsco’s Deep Clean. It thoroughly cleans all the corners in urinals, toilets, shower cubicles and other elements of your washroom, eliminating all bacteria and making them sparkling clean.

Normal cleaning simply isn’t enough to keep your washrooms safe and presentable for your visitors. Alsco’s Deep Clean is designed to be as thorough as possible.

Everyone knows that the regular cleaning service is simply not enough for those washrooms that are frequented by many people on a daily basis. That’s why Alsco Deep Clean is a necessity for all New Zealand businesses that demand perfect hygiene and nothing else.

Our service is designed in a way that doesn’t allow any of the germs to survive our treatment.


  • Environmentally-friendly process
  • Suitable for all surfaces
  • Cleans even the most stubborn filth
  • Eliminates all mould, mildew and fungi
  • No space is too difficult to reach

A serious business never gambles with the health of its visitors and employees. That means no shortcuts when it comes to hygiene and sanitary conditions. That’s where the Alsco Deep Cleaning shines – we eliminate the danger of bacteria spreads.

As part of our managed rental service, our expert teams will clean your washrooms as part of a regular schedule – tailored to your needs. Put aside your worries of washroom health and cleanliness – and let Alsco ensure every corner is left sparkling clean.


Keeping your workplace clean and fresh-smelling has a positive effect on both your staff and visitors alike. Odour Control Services from Fresh & Clean are designed to keep your washrooms fresh and pleasant for everyone.


The revolutionary Oxy-Gen Air Freshener is the world’s first oxygen based dispenser. No other air freshener uses oxygen based delivery for its pure natural oil based aromas. This technology can help offices reduce their carbon footprint and is ideal for GreenStar building certification. 

The Oxy-Gen Air Freshener doesn’t just mask malodours, it actually eliminates them. When released, the fragrance molecules diffuse into the air in the room and nullify competing malodour molecules completely. 

This modern, compact, sleek design ensures maximum air circulation with a variety of fragrances to choose from. 


Our most popular choice! 

This unique aerosol dispenser with its sleek tamper proof design, compliments most work environments and is available in either white, black or silver. 

Customise settings by remote control, to deliver up to 70cu metres of fragrance to suit your needs. Our range of natural organic fragrances, odour neutralising and pest control refills have been carefully crafted to create a fresh enhanced workplace. 

The way your workplace washroom smells has a great effect on the well-being of your employees, as well as the people who visit your venue. Your reputation is at stake and, due to the origins of bad odours – so is the health of your employees.

Those are the reasons why you need to keep your washroom in perfect order and spotlessly fresh and clean. Alsco helps New Zealand businesses with that for years.

Place Alsco Air Fresheners on your walls and stop worrying about them. Remember them only when you feel the fresh scent of lime, orange and bergamot, apple berry or ocean breeze that they release on regular intervals.

Each unit uses a large aerosol and releases scents automatically – keeping your washrooms continuously fresh for a longer period of time.


  • Eco-friendly ingredients
  • Comes in 4 scents
  • Scents released automatically
  • Serviced on every 8 weeks

Don’t worry about emptying your air fresheners. Alsco’s managed rental services includes the regular servicing, which also includes replenishing all the units we install for you.


The Veria Passive Air freshener is about simplicity, advanced engineering and environmental sustainability. The unique refill load and wick system has been designed to provide a simple to use alternative to aerosol cans. Veria uses naturally-derived, biodegradable ingredients which neutralise malodors. All its refills are fully recyclable. 


All of our dispensers are designed to fit refills that can be used for either odour neutralisation and the control of unwanted insects. 


ODORBAN™ is not only an excellent air freshener…it is a true odour neutralizer, effectively eliminating bad smells. ODORBAN’s professional strength formula includes two odour counteractants that attack and neutralize the malodour molecules. Malodours in the air, on surfaces, carpet or fabric… wherever they originate… are eliminated…leaving behind a clean, long-lasting fragrance. Effective against the toughest odours, including rubbish rooms, tobacco smoke, bathrooms and pet odours.


Our insect control products are environmentally responsible using natural pyrethrins rather than synthetic pyrethroids. Pyrethrins are a natural insecticide found in Chrysanthenmum cinerariaefolium, a perennial plant with a daisy-like appearance. Pesticide products containing naturally occurring pyrethrins are known to rapidly break down in the environment. CFC free, this aerosol controls flys, mosquitoes and most flying insects.


Create positive change and support your team by providing free period care products

Fresh & Clean can provide a serviced solution for supplying free practical period support for your employees. Libra dispensers give free individual Libra pads and tampon boxes. Libra delivers a trusted, reliable, safe solution to enhance the health and wellbeing of your team.

Did you know

25% of women admit to calling in sick to work, whilst 13% show up late or leave work early to hide that they have their period.

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