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Alsco believes that by genuinely valuing and taking an interest in our people

Alsco promotes a diverse and inclusive work environment where everybody has an opportunity to grow and develop.  Our workforce has a multitude of needs, and as an equitable and fair employer, we must do our best to meet them.

Proud Employer

Alsco is proud to be the Industry leader in employment conditions.  We achieve this by being a good employer, treating our people fairly and with respect, and valuing their diversity.

We offer higher wages, guaranteed hours of work, overtime rates, better conditions, regular pay reviews, family friendly hours, employee assistance programmes, fair employment practices and safe work conditions. 

We strive to be a workplace that people want to be part of and where their safety and wellbeing is a priority.

More than 25% (199) of our workforce have been with Alsco for 10 years or more.  

Equality, Inclusion & Diversity

Alsco prides itself in adapting to changing environments, especially generational shifts and being cognisant of the changes around us. This ensures we remain the employer of choice for all times rather than a specific segment in time.  

 We are proud of our Leadership Development Programme through which we build jobs into careers and we have a  strong commitment to internal promotion. Our business success reflects the quality and skill of our people. Alsco is committed to seeking out and retaining the finest human talent to ensure top business growth and performance. We also aim to take unconscious bias out of our recruitment process and are open to accommodating varying needs. 

Diversity management benefits individuals, teams, our company, and our customers. We recognise that each employee brings their own unique capabilities, experiences, and characteristics to their work. We value such diversity at all levels of the company in all that we do. To further foster this, we are an active member of Diversity Works NZ and our workforce is reflective of the New Zealand community. 

Alsco believes in treating all people with respect and dignity. We strive to create and foster a supportive and understanding environment in which all individuals realise their maximum potential within the company, regardless of their differences. We recognise the importance of reflecting the diversity of our customers and markets in our workforce. The diverse capabilities that reside within our talented workforce, position Alsco to anticipate and fulfil the needs of our range customers, providing high quality products/services.

Alsco is diverse along many dimensions. Our diversity encompasses differences in ethnicity, gender, language, age, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status, physical and mental ability, thinking styles, experience, and education. We believe that the wide array of perspectives that results from such diversity promotes innovation and business success. 

As an equitable employer, we spend time and resources on training, fostering a strong learning environment coupled with top industry pay-rates, work life balance, flexible working hours and a family friendly environment. 

“I have been a part of Alsco for 24 years and love this company and what it stands for – fairness, equality and providing development opportunities for all.”

Glenda Delaney

Management Development Programme

The Alsco Management Development Programme (MDP) is a professional growth opportunity carried out in Australia and New Zealand. The programme runs over two years and equips participants with leadership and management skills to enhance their careers. Zach Smith is one of the recent graduates from the Management Development Programme.

The MDP programme is the third step in developing Alsco’s future leaders with Zach completing the National Certificate in Business, Level 3 and National Certificate in First Line Management, Level 4 management courses.

“I started my journey with Alsco in 2009 as a Service Delivery Person. Over the next 3-5 years, I was promoted to Service Delivery Supervisor, subsequently becoming the Service Delivery Manager not too long after that.

After 12-18 months of doing this role, the opportunity came up to relocate my family to Napier as the depots Business Manager. During this time, I was honoured to be selected for the Management Development Programme which meant I was able to join & make lasting relationships with 19 other leaders across New Zealand & Australia. This group was then broken into 4 smaller groups of 5 leaders which had a project each to implement real change within the company along with completing modules to help us upskill further. This along with other training courses Alsco has provided me over the years, has enabled me to bring all this learning back to my branch to assist the team.

After completing the 2-year programme, I have now been given the chance to lead a team of 60 as the Plant Processing Manager back in Palmerston North.”

Zach Smith

ECCA Graduate Programme

The EECA Graduate Programme was developed after careful consideration of the business being able to meet its energy reduction goals and has provided unparalleled learning opportunities for Alsco. 

“The EECA Graduate Programme has enabled Alsco to have a dedicated resource deployed to review and improve Alsco’s energy management practices and implement efficiency. 

The programme ensures that the business can commit the time and resources needed to analyse how energy is being used and the best ways to make savings.

The goal of the graduate programme is to deliver 2GW of savings, corresponding to approximately 3% of Alsco’s entire energy usage and equivalent to switching off 220 million LEDs or powering 18,000 Electric Vehicles. To date, 66% of the savings have been achieved and quantified, with a further 67% of energy-saving projects identified and proposed. This will ensure that Alsco does not only meet its EECA graduate programme goals but exceeds them.”

Haris Murtaza

Alsco's Apprentices

Richard Riwai is a shining example of Alsco’s apprentice support and development opportunity, becoming the newly appointed Palmerston North Engineering Manager. 

“I started with Alsco in 2013 as a washroom team member. and I was then promoted to team coordinator in the washroom after a year. I was the Washroom Team Coordinator for 12 to 14 months when an opportunity came up in the Palmerston North Engineering Department to fill an Engineers position.

“I was offered a six-month trial in the Engineering Department with a possible apprenticeship at the end of the trial. I got through the trial and did my apprenticeship over the next 3 and 1/2 years. I finished the qualification and was a fully qualified maintenance engineer in the team here in Palmerston North. When the Engineering Manager vacancy came about, I applied for the position and was successful. I am now as excited as ever to get my feet under the Managers desk and lead the Palmerston North Engineering team to the next level.”

Richard Riwai
former Engineering Apprentice

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