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Your uniforms are important. Nothing shouts success more than a company with clean, smart, professionally-dressed employees. Alsco are in the business of putting the appearance of your staff first. 

Alsco offers leading solutions in New Zealand for food process and cleanroom garments, especially environments that are hygiene and cleanliness critical – we are on to it.

We manage your garments 100%

This purpose designed Food Industry Workwear Range while meeting the applicable health and safety guidelines, features the latest fabrics and modern designs that are safe, comfortable and easy to maintain.

The Alsco range of high quality Hospitality Workwear and Chef Clothing ensures every chef and kitchen employee can look and feel professional while meeting food industry hygiene standards.

Heavy-duty. Durable. Safe. Alsco offer a wide range of long-lasting, high-performance industrial workwear that’ll protect your staff. Because nothing is more important than the health of your employees. 

High visibility workwear is a specialty at Alsco. Our range of practical, good looking garments feature heavyweight cotton drill, polyester and cotton blend fabrics, with options including UV, flame-retardant and stain resistance.

efficient, timely, and cost-effective

Management Service

The Alsco Garment Rental Service is any easy, economical option which takes care of weekly laundering, uniform repairs, replacement, size change storage and disposal. Our flexible levels of service allow for cost effective tailor-made solutions.

Our garments are provided by Deane Apparel. The Deane brand earned iconic status in the workwear category. Any garment carrying the Deane brand has been designed and manufactured specifically for work. All Deane garments are manufactured using rigorous construction techniques, from fabrics and components that are guaranteed to perform in your workplace.


Alsco is the only company with dedicated purpose built cleanrooms all over the country. A joint laundry standard for the food industry was developed by Alsco, AsureQuality and Fonterra.

Tailor-made Solutions

Company logos emblems, name labels, bar codes and locker can be supplied to complete the whole package.

Deane Apparel

The Deane brand has built its reputation on the attributes of toughness, functionality and longevity.

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