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Alsco offers an amazing variety of cleaning consumables that keep washrooms, kitchens and workplaces, clean, hygienic and presentable with the option of regular restocking. Let Alsco worry about your soap, tissues, napkins, wipes, cloths, bin liners, cafeteria and other consumables that need regular refills. 

Contact Alsco now to book a survey of your site.  We’ll recommend the most suitable products to fit your business needs.


Whenever you need to wipe, dry, clean or polish – we take care of it. Our range of dispensers, refills and services are designed to meet the specific needs of washrooms, industrial environments, kitchens and dining areas. So you can get on with what really matters in your business. 

Most dispensers are provided for all consumable products on a free-on-loan basis with a small installation fee and continuing management provided by Alsco and Fresh & Clean 


A wide range of hygiene tissue in different sizes and formats. Jumbo rolls for the busiest toilets to conventional toilet paper.


Whether you’re looking to equip washrooms that accommodate thousands of visitors per day, or you seek to provide a luxury experience for a handful of guests. We have the paper towel to suit your specific need.


Soft and absorbent facial tissues, which come in a flat box style, ideal for vanity or in-wall dispensers.


Whether it is creating the perfect experience for your guest with our table napkins, or cleaning up a spill with our kitchen towel rolls or wiping cloths we have you covered with our large range of paper consumables.


An excellent standard of hygiene is easy to come by with the right washroom products. Our range of dispensers for soap and skincare products provide optimal hygiene for washroom visitors. Sealed bottle refills make for simple and sanitary maintenance. 

In running a business, there are a million details to take care of. We aim to make washroom products the least of your concerns! Choose from a range of hand soap and sanitiser refills. 

Soft and luxurious, foam soap leaves users with clean and moisturised hands. Sealed refill bottles reduce the risk of cross-contamination when loading in their compatible dispensers. 

Ensure the most effective cleaning by choosing the right formulation for your needs. Formulations include mild, extra hygiene, oil and grease, hair and body, and sanitising alcohol gel. 

Our heavy duty soap with natural grit is designed for industrial environments, where it is important to have an effective hand-washing and cleaning solution that can remove heavy dirt, oil and grease, whilst being kind to the skin. 

Whether your business requires an extra boost against pathogens, or frequent hand cleaning without access to water, hand sanitiser is a great option. Our high-quality formulations are easy on skin and contain moisturising ingredients, leaving hands refreshed and healthy. 

Create a barrier to protect hands against skin irritation from sticky, irritating and staining industrial substances with a water soluble, greaseless barrier cream. 


Exceptionally well-designed, our dispensers look smart, work reliably and make a better impression on your washroom visitors. Available in black, white, stainless, manual or sensor-activated, we have a dispenser to cover your needs.


Quality cleaning chemicals for a cleaner environment. 

Our range of janitorial, multipurpose, washroom, kitchen and flooring products are not only effective but also biodegradable for safer use and cleaner environment. 

Our range is manufactured locally, some having MPI (formerly NZFSA) Approval. Along with the product we supply a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Product Information Sheet outlining procedures on mixing, application and frequency of use. We can produce a simple customised colour Chemical Wall Chart for your business. 

With increased emphasis on Health and Safety in the workplace, Fresh & Clean provides complementary services to assist our customers in meeting OSH requirements. Staff training to increase awareness and ensure safe handling of our products is available. A certificate of Chemical Awareness and Safety will be issued on successful completion of training. 


Customised wallcharts are a prime visual aid training tool, rapidly giving staff exact cleaning and sanitising instructions, standards, and safety tips.


Lowest overall costs are achieved with a focus on a quality, compliant and supported product offer like our 5lt, 20lt range and hand applicator appropriately labeled bottles.


Our extensive range of janitorial equipment and supplies together with our cost effective selection of disposables, is utilised and trusted by dozens of professional cleaning companies throughout New Zealand. 

All manufacturers have been carefully selected following extensive product testing and evaluation of international standards and certifications. 

Your workplace hygiene depends on your consumables. It’s impossible to have a clean and hygienic washroom if there is not enough soap or toilet tissue. This goes for other parts of your workplace, as well.

Alsco New Zealand offers an amazing variety of cleaning consumables and the option of regular restocking. Let Alsco worry about your soap, tissues, napkins, wipes, cloths and other consumables that need regular refills. Yes, we’ll take care of that, as well.

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