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Hand hygiene is vital to workplace health and wellbeing

From the moment you get up to the moment you enter your workplace, your hands have touched so many things. You use them for driving, or holding onto bars in public transportation. You touch money, your smartphone and shake hands with other people. All this means you touch millions of bacteria even before you enter your workplace. The same goes with other employees. It means that hand hygiene is of essential importance for maintaining a healthy and sanitary workplace.


An excellent standard of hygiene is easy to come by with the right washroom products. Our range of dispensers for soap and skincare products provide optimal hygiene for washroom visitors. Sealed bottle refills make for simple and sanitary maintenance. 

With a high-velocity yet inexpensive motor system, these dryers are a rapid yet economical answer to your drying needs. Built to be discrete and last for longer, they’ll provide your business’s washrooms with a reliable, effective drying system for longer.

Astoundingly powerful, but surprisingly cost-effective, these air dryers offer efficient and environmentally friendly solution for your hand drying needs. They are subtle and quiet, which makes them perfect for workplaces that require efficiency and focus with no distractions.


It doesn’t come much better than a pleasant, fast-absorbing towel after a nice hand washing.

Dry your hands just like you do it at home – using a real, cloth towel. A lot of businesses in New Zealand enjoy the advantages of this type of hand drying system.

Cloth Towel Dispenser is Alsco’s original invention. It was created as a response to the issues noticed after decades in the washroom hygiene business. People enjoy wiping their hands with cloth towels – so we offered a cloth towel dispenser.


  • Used towel areas hygienically separated
  • Very absorbent and sanitary
  • No energy consumption or waste

Don’t worry, you will not get in contact with already used, dump towel. The Cloth Towel Dispenser has two chambers that are completely separated one from another. One contains the fresh and clean towel and the other one is where the used towel parts go.

As a part of Alsco’s managed rental service, we come and replace your cloth towels when they are entirely unusable. We wash them on 150°C to be 100% sure they are completely sterilised and ready to use again.


Tried-and-tested, these paper towel dispensers are a convenient and hygienic solution to washroom drying in your business.

Sometimes, going back to basics is the right way to go. The convenience of a tested and well-known hand drying option has its advantages. In case of Alsco’s products, this is just right description of Alsco’s Paper Towel Dispensers.

Good old paper dispensers offer the highly-hygienic solution to washroom drying.

Our dispensers have highly-absorbent paper that make hand drying efficient and fast. Papers are conveniently organised into pieces so prevent overusing, all in the light of more environmentally-friendly efforts, characteristic for many businesses in New Zealand.

The paper in Alsco’s Paper Towel Dispensers is soft and pleasant to touch and it won’t irritate or cause dryness of sensitive skin.

The best part about paper towel dispensers is that they can have more use than one. While their primary use is to help your coworkers dry their hands, they can be useful when something needs a quick wipe or clean. That’s why they can find their place in office kitchens, as well.


  • Wide range of uses
  • Options include interleaf or roll-towel
  • No-contact option available

Managed rental service that Alsco New Zealand offers means that all the work around these towel dispensers is not your concern anymore. We install them, refill them when necessary and keep them in their best condition.


Hand washing is essential for workplace hygiene. But, did you now that hand drying is just as important?

Hygiene is the first barrier between a healthy workplace and a contagion or infection. Alsco helps you create a hygienic workplace in which there is no room for dangerous bacteria.

Stopping the spread of diseases and offering effective and convenient solutions to make your workplace more sanitary is what we in Alsco New Zealand do best.

We offer hand care products that fight possible contagions even before they happen. Eliminating dirt, bacteria and microbes from your employees’ hands requires well-positioned, regularly replenished and effective products. We have them all.

With every hand washing sink you have on your premises, we have a system of soaps and sanitisers that makes hand sanitising quick and easy, regardless of your industry. Professional kitchens, office gardens, entry/exit points and more are all locations where hand care units would be of benefit.

Do you want your soap dispensers to be white, black or silver? Do you prefer liquid soap or foam? Do you need your hand sanitisers wall-mounted?

Alsco’s managed rental hand care service supplies, refills and maintains your washroom units – at no extra cost. It’s the convenient, cost-effective solution to hygiene for your workplace.

Hands that are not properly dried and still have damp patches contribute to the spread of germs.

There are many debates about which drying system is the best: air drying, paper towels or even cloth towels. There are many pros and cons to each of those systems. That’s why Alsco New Zealand offers you all of them.

We have excellent and efficient drying systems that meet the needs of any business and any industry. Our solutions cover food industry, industrial workshops, offices and all other venues.

The idea behind all of our hand drying options is to keep your workplace as safe as possible from the germs that are just waiting to spread.

Take a look at our range of products and call Alsco to help you choose the best hand drying option for your business.

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