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Warning: Your Workplace Washroom Is More Important Than You Think

Did you know that 3 out of 4 customers said they would never return to a restaurant with a dirty washroom? This is the result of the survey conducted by Harris Poll in 2010.

Moreover, people, today use smartphone apps to find establishments with clean toilets.

That is just how important clean washrooms are to people.

In the era of social media, you can be sure that people will take photos of your dirty restroom and share them online which can ruin your reputation.

Still, some companies neglect their washrooms due to the lack of time, will or manpower to regularly maintain it.

There is a way for those companies to have properly maintained workplace washrooms because Alsco can manage washrooms for any company.

4 Reasons to Have a Spotless Workplace Washroom

Even if you don’t run a business that involves your clients and customers entering your venue, there are still some good reasons for you to keep the washroom flawlessly clean.

  1. Fighting off diseases and illnesses
  2. Keeping your employees satisfied
  3. Leaving a positive impression on your customers and clients
  4. Aesthetic reasons

Dirty toilets make a perfect environment for spreading harmful bacteria. The flu virus, E.coli and even hepatitis A lurk at you from an improperly cleaned toilet, especially if your workplace is in a school or any similar place where there are many people around.

Therefore, unclean toilets mean that your business will deal with a lot of sick days.

A clean and elegant washroom

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It is far easier to hire more staff to clean your washroom more regularly. Even better, hire a deep clean service every once in a while and let experts scrub down your washroom professionally.

Your employees will not be satisfied working in an environment that is not sanitary. This influences their morale which translates to poor motivation and even poorer productivity. This is not something that any business can afford.

If your employees do not appreciate your washroom, your potential clients and customers will appreciate it even less. Dirty washroom will make your company seem unprofessional and that will cause you to lose business.

5 Key Factors of a Proper Workplace Washroom

There are several key factors that make all the difference when it comes to a nice and sanitary washroom.

1. Regular Cleaning

You need a regular cleaning service that will make sure your washroom is always in the perfect condition. This means daily service. You need maintenance staff and you need to work out a daily cleaning schedule with them.

It can be a timetable on which each member of the staff marks the job they have done for that day and sign the sheet.

While your toilets need to be perfectly clean, this is not enough. You need to have toilet paper at all times, and you need a disposable toilet seat cover. Of course, you need a proper bin that is entirely sanitary.

2. Additions for the Ladies

Sitting on a toilet seat means that a person is more exposed to germs. The first line of defence should be a toilet seat sanitizer that will kill those germs before they make contact with your skin.

Also, it would be great to equip your washroom with special disposal units. Alsco’s Feminine Hygiene units are sanitary and discrete. They make waste disposal clean and easy.

All the mothers will be happy to find a good nappy disposal unit in your washroom. They meet very high sanitary standards and Alsco replaces the entire unit every time they do their usual maintenance rounds.

3. Fighting Off the Odour

Your washroom can look flawless, but if it smells bad, all your efforts will be in vain. The odours are the result of the uric acid crystals build-up. Even if you have regular maintenance of your toilet, this can still happen.

Your best bet against these odours is wall mounted air sanitisers. They fight off odour even before it happens. Namely, they disperse the chemicals that kill the germs and prevent the uric acid build-up.

After regular cleaning and the amazing effects of the air sanitisers, you can add an extra touch and install a couple of air fresheners. Your washroom will not only be odour free, but it can smell lovely, as well.

4. Hand Hygiene Made Convenient

A good workplace washroom helps keep your employees healthy. In order for that to happen, you need to allow your employees to maintain proper hand hygiene.

A lot of germs are transmitted by dirty hands, so you need excellent soap dispensers beside every faucet. They need to be full at all times and you can never afford for them to be empty.

Drying one’s hands is just as important for their health as washing them. Wet hands are a perfect place for the germs to get stuck and wait for their chance to infect you. You can offer your employees different hand drying options that include air drying, paper towels or even cloth towels.

In order to go that extra mile in protecting your employees, install hand sanitisers at appropriate places so that disinfecting hands can be easy and convenient.

5. Good Workplace Washroom Management

Managing your washroom is a serious task and it takes a lot of time and regular checkups. Being a business owner or a manager, you definitely have more important things to do than to check on the condition of your washroom every now and then.

A smart move is to hire staff that cleans the washroom and to contact Alsco to help you with the equipment needed for its proper functioning.

You don’t have to buy anything – simply rent it. It is cheaper and more convenient.

Make an enquiry about Alsco’s rates right now. For a price that comes down to a couple of coins a day, you can have washroom equipment installed, maintained and restocked on a regular basis.

Alsco employees do that for you – and we do it with a smile.

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