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Essential Floor Cleaning Supplies And Equipment Your Restaurant Needs Right Now

Let’s be honest, the first thing that customers check when they walk into a restaurant is the level of hygiene.

They notice the table layout, and whether surfaces are clean, or the sinks are clogged with dirt.

The importance of maintaining high hygiene standards cannot be overemphasized. Restaurant hygiene is key for any restaurant business that needs to stay afloat. After all, ghastly scenes should not be part of any menu.

Restaurant hygiene is essential in maintaining the health of your staff and clients. It is also important in creating your brand and making your business stand out from the rest.

The wave of COVID-19 sweeping across the globe has affected the restaurant industry. Many have closed down. Those still afloat are exploring new ways including online orders and more take-outs.

black and white signage pinned 

Governments have set out a reopening checklist for restaurants that includes regulations on:

  • Employee screening
  • Social distancing
  • Water provision
  • Food safety
  • Facility operations
  • Hand washing

As restaurant businesses go through these hard times, stepping up on hygiene is key.

Restaurant hygiene is critical and constant cleaning and sanitising are an essential part of it. With that in mind, here are essential floor cleaning supplies and equipment to keep your restaurant safe for customers and staff.

The Floor Cleaning Supplies and Equipment you Need

Floor Drains

Floor drains are plumbing fixtures with metallic or plastic gratings. They are installed on the floor of a structure to remove any standing water.

They come in different shapes, with sizes ranging from 2-12 inches. The floor around them is normally slanted to allow water drainage.

Restaurants need regular cleaning in critical areas such as the kitchen or washrooms. These areas harbour lots of dirt and grime.

Floor drains should be properly installed to avoid messy accidents. Before cleaning the floors staff should ensure that the drains are clear.

Floor Scrubbers and Buffers

A floor scrubber is a cleaning device in the form of a floor mop, brush or a ride-on machine. It works by mixing water with detergent, scrubbing and lifting any residue.

The buffer works by evening out surfaces to achieve a smooth, glossy, uniform look.

This equipment can help in keeping your restaurant floors clean, dry and smooth. Such a clean look keeps your clients coming.

Spare Buffer Pads

Spare buffer pads are extra pads fitted to a buffing machine to help remove light scuff marks and dirt.

They help in giving your floor a sparkling finish and shine, and they are perfect for light-duty use.

Spare buffer pads are perfectly designed for a low-speed buffing machine. They are also convenient for the daily scheduled cleaning tasks in the restaurant.

Spare Scrubber Pads

Scrubber pads are best designed to clean aggressively without removing floor finishes. They can remove heavy dirt and scuff marks with a low-speed machine.

Scrubber pads can be used in heavy traffic areas such as restaurant entryways, and are best used on wet surfaces.

Spare scrubber pads keep the cleaning going.

Commercial Vacuums

Commercial vacuums are cleaning equipment that comes in different shapes and sizes. They solve different problems like spot cleaning and wet residue pickup.

Choosing the right vacuum depends on the area and the level of traffic you are dealing with.

Commercial vacuums have different features which allow you to clean all areas. In restaurants, they can be used to clean under tables and chairs.

Whether you’re cleaning hard floors or concrete floors, commercial vacuums work. From spot cleaning to wet cleaning, they are perfect for your restaurant.

Microfibre Mops

Microfiber mops have charged split fibres that allow them to pick up and hold dust, dirt and even liquid in the deepest crevices.

Microfiber mops are useful in restaurants as they are able to pick up 99% of bacteria present on floors.


A squeegee is a tool made out of flat rubber that controls the flow of liquid in a flat surface.

In these COVID-19 times, restaurants need to be thoroughly cleaned and dried throughout the day. Having squeegees as part of your cleaning equipment makes it easier to dry surfaces.

This helps in keeping spaces clean and in avoiding messy accidents that may occur on wet surfaces.

Retractable Hose Pipes

A hosepipe is a long flexible rubber or plastic pipe that is used to carry water from one point to another. Retractable hose pipes are versatile as they can easily be pulled back.

To maintain a clean look in your restaurant, there is a need for a constant supply of water. Retractable hose pipes make it easier to access water in areas that need cleaning.


Mops are cleaning tools made of absorbent material attached to a long handle. They are used for washing, drying or dusting floors.

In restaurants, small accidents happen, like a spilt cup of tea or some splashes of water around the sinks. Mops can easily clean up such messes.


A broom is a brush with a long handle that is used for sweeping dirt.

Brooms are basic yet very important tools. They come in various forms to allow them to meet different needs.

Choosing the right broom depends on its intended use as the quality of bristles determines the kind of work it can do.

brown push broom on dust pan 

Lightweight and compact brooms can be used to sweep under tables and chairs. Mid-sized push brooms can be used in sweeping hallways and other open spaces.

Dust Pans

A dustpan is a short-handed shovel-shaped scoop that is used to collect dust.

Some brooms are best designed to work with dustpans.

In a restaurant, dustpans help in picking up broken glass, food or other debris. They can also be used in cleaning busy areas like the kitchen where dirt can easily build-up, leading to germs.

Long Brushes

Alsconz Clean Deep Clean Service 


Alsco’s Deep Clean Services eliminates all mould, mildew and fungi. A cleaning brush is a tool with bristles, wire or other filaments attached to it, and with a handle to hold. It can be used to dust, scrub and remove debris from objects and surfaces.

In a restaurant set up, long brushes can be used to scrub and clean the kitchen as well as washrooms. Kitchen surfaces can have a build-up of grime if not well cleaned.

Long brushes can be used to clean up kitchen surfaces, fryers and baskets in your deep clean. They can also be used in cleaning bathrooms and removing dirt from crevices.

Dust Mops

woman cleaning mop the floor 

A dust mop is a long-handled cleaning instrument made out of cloth, sponge or other absorbent material attached to a stick. It’s ideally made to dust floors and, in many cases, wall ceilings.

In most cases, dust mops are made out of microfiber material in order to attract and hold onto dust. The heads are fairly flat and removable so they can be washed and used again. Dust mop handles are also adjustable.

Spare Broom and Mop Handles

Brooms and mops need extra handles to make them versatile.

The Coronavirus pandemic has sent the restaurant business into disarray. Cleaning schedules have been disrupted and there is a need for more cleaning round the clock.

Spare brooms and mops enable janitorial teams to work efficiently in different locations.

Spare Mop Heads

Mop head replacements come in handy in ensuring that you clean all the areas in your restaurant.

Mop heads are made of different materials including cotton and synthetic fibres. Each material has its pros and cons.

Having spare mop heads for your restaurant allows you to select the right head for the right job. Cotton mop heads are great for light-duty cleaning. On the downside, they are hard to dry.

Mops made of cotton and synthetic fibres perform better and are a good choice for daily cleaning. Those made of semi-synthetic fibres are good at absorbing and drying but they also shrink.

Spare mop heads can be used while others hang out to dry.

Mop Buckets and Wringers

A mop bucket is a wheeled bucket that allows a user to wring out the mop without getting their hands dirty. A wringer is a device attached to the mop bucket that allows the user to press out excess liquid.

A mop bucket and wringer design offers an advantage over the traditional bucket. It’s an essential addition to your cleaning equipment. It helps in your daily cleaning routines and also in enhancing safety in your restaurant.

Wet Floor Signs

yellow wet floor signage 

Wet floor signs are indicators displayed to warn customers of a wet area from mopping, spills or trapped water. For restaurants proper wet floor signage is critical. Failure to put up signs can lead to accidents and insurance claims that can drain your pockets.

Plastic/Metal buckets

Cleaning buckets are cylindrical vessels which you can use to carry water. They come in different sizes and are made out of plastic or metal.

Buckets have been traditionally used over the years, and they continue to be indispensable.

Floor Cleaning Detergents and Sanitisers

Cleaning detergents are products used in the removal of stains on different floors. They come in powder or liquid form.

Sanitisers are liquids capable of destroying microorganisms including bacteria. Floor cleaning detergents and sanitisers help in keeping restaurants sparkling clean. They are particularly important in disinfecting kitchen surfaces.

Better Safe Than Sorry

The best way to maintain a high inspection rating is to adhere to the set-out hygiene standards.

With the new reality that is COVID-19, there is a need to up your cleaning game to ensure that your restaurant survives.

Remember, you want to protect your staff and also your clients.

Useful Tips:

  • Do a deep clean.
  • Stick to a scheduled cleaning routine.
  • Build weekly and monthly routines.

When you are overwhelmed, call in the experts who will take care of cleaning your restaurant.

Alsco New Zealand provides you with the supplies you need to keep your business thriving. We also have fully managed hygiene rental services that are cost-effective. Engaging us will ease your burden and save you time. 

Contact us today for all your restaurant cleaning needs.

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