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6 Effective Housekeeping Hacks for the Workplace

Housekeeping has always been essential for, well, your home—hence the name.

And when you talk about housekeeping, that always implies cleaning floors and surfaces, getting rid of dust and dirt, and reorganising everything to its proper place.

That still holds true for the office but “office-keeping” takes cleaning to a whole different level.

That is, safety is often the watchword for office housekeeping.

More than at home, good office housekeeping protects your employees from injury and harm. This, in turn, can improve your productivity and overall morale.

Additionally, the perfectly clean and safe office makes great impressions on visiting clients—which is always a plus.

So how does one actually get good office housekeeping done? We’ll share with you 6 great ways to keep that office up to par in terms of cleanliness and true freshness.

1. Go for Safety Against Trips, Slips, and Falls

Occupational hazards and injuries are a literal pain in the neck for your employees and a painfully figurative one for you. One of the most common causes of workplace injuries are slips and falls.

Moreover, workspaces should maintain cleanliness and orderliness for safety. That is the only way to prevent those trips, slips and consequential injuries.

This specifically pertains to floor areas that tend to be vulnerable spots, especially when they are wet. Alsco’s mats are the perfect option here as they effectively absorb dirt and liquid while providing traction for safety.

2. Eliminate Foul Odours

Bad smells and foul odours might not cause many injuries as slips and falls, but they can certainly make a day wholly unpleasant.

This is especially relevant if your business entertains clients in site. It can make or break any potential deals you might have in the works.

Alsco’s Odour Control system features customizable time-release intervals to allow a day-long extrusion of wonderful scents in order to keep your workspaces smelling fresh and clean. This also has an amazing psychological effect on the people you’re working with.

3. Prioritise Accessible First Aid

First aid kit set

Image from: Pixabay by stevepb

When it comes to workplace safety, first aid is a very critical component that mustn’t be ignored. In fact, it’s a critical component for compliance that has to be dealt with promptly.

Again, Alsco provides a wide range of First Aid options from portable kits all the way up to a full station. All of these contain everything you need for many different office-emergency scenarios.

We even offer in-office training options to make sure that your employees are all capable of handling any emergency.

This is a great solution as it makes everyone participative in the maintenance of safety in the office.

4. Workwear Also Matters

If you want to keep your workplace looking neat, you need to deal with your employees’ appearance, as well.

To this end, a variety of workplace uniforms is a great investment depending on the nature of the business or industry that you’re working in.

Whether it’s industrial safety, medical hygiene, food processing sterilisation, Alsco’s uniform options are varied and industry-specific to ensure that your personnel is good-looking and protected from harm and injury.

With rental options available, you can save on expenses and budgeting when you get our uniforms.

5. Create a Codified Set of Rules

Another important component of safety is to create a set of rules to follow.

Firstly, make sure there’s a simple handbook to guide your people in most likely emergency scenarios and situations.

Secondly, label high-risk areas with proper guidance and instructions in order to reinforce the points made and to ensure on-point safety and cleanliness.

Examples of these places are entrances, washrooms, and even the pantry. Making these visual will go a long way to ensuring they’re fully understood and followed. This way, it’s always clear to everyone what they need to do.

6. Equip Your Washrooms With the Necessary Equipment

Lastly, with a clear need for safety and cleanliness within the washroom, it’s essential to invest in washroom technologies that work best for you and your needs.

The Alsco product line includes components that include:

  • Feminine hygiene
  • Hand hygiene
  • Odour control
  • Deep cleaning and many more.

All of these come with a range of options that can be customised to fit your company’s specific needs.

Equip your washrooms

Image from: Flickr by Peter Burka

Everything from hypoallergenic hand soap to sanitizer can be selected to match your own desires. You can even choose between manual and automatic systems that provide for affordability or convenience respectively.

Alsco has long been Australia’s top provider of quality supplemental services centred around employee safety, comfort, and hygiene.

With the purchase or rental options available, our products and services fit any and every budget.

Give us a call today and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with fully customizable packages that are tailored to fit your needs specifically.

Photo: Álvaro Vega F.

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