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How Clean is Your Clean Restaurant?

Great food and perfect ambience are synonymous with your restaurant. People from all over flock to experience the buzz you have created. Your hard work and efforts have paid off.

From all of us at Alsco, we would like to congratulate you for a job well done. We look forward to your continued success and more!

There is, however, a great challenge that every success story tends to miss. It’s quite easy to overlook because they lurk at a microscopic level. Yes, the dirt and germs! They plague each and every corner and can overthrow you from the pinnacle of your triumph.

Yes, the dirt and germs! They plague each and every corner and can overthrow you from the pinnacle of your triumph.

We know you have tried all measures to keep your restaurant and your kitchen spick and span. As expressed earlier, chances are there are still minuscule organisms invisible to the naked eye.

So how clean is your clean restaurant really?

According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in six Americans gets sick from foodborne diseases every year. These are caused by bacteria, viruses, or parasites that are found in most institutions in the food industry.

Part of a restaurant’s operation is its regular cleaning and sanitizing chores. As this becomes routine, it also becomes easier to oversee some areas.

Let us help guide you to effectively cover those spaces.

Follow Where the Hands Are

The dirtiest equipment in the office? It is nowhere near the restroom as others may think, it is right in front of every desk – the keyboard.

It can harbour more harmful bacteria than a lavatory seat. You will never know where your customers came from.

Items and equipment that are in direct contact with their hands or fingers need special attention.

Is the Sneeze Guard guarded?

We often see this glass contraption in buffets or food bars where items are displayed on counters. Its primary use is to avoid contamination which ironically is the same place where all the germs are collected. Glass and mirrors easily collect dirt.

Also, imagine the number of persons pushing their fingers onto it – you can never be sure where they previously stuck their fingers right?

Alsco’s wipes and some glass cleaning liquid can do a remarkable job at maintaining the cleanliness of your sneeze guards. Make sure to keep to your cleaning agenda with an hourly swipe at that glass, whether it looks clean or not.

The Hands that Touch the Door Handles

Hands are in direct contact with door handles. If you average, for example, a hundred guests every day, chances are 70% of them touched your doorknobs. Now keep that thought in mind and think about the door handles of the restroom.

It is, therefore, important to cleanse it hourly or as frequently as possible.

The Telephone

You find them on the counters, the front desk, and in the kitchen. It is as close to being a keyboard and worse.

Not only are the hands there, but its mouthpiece can also have plenty of viruses. You can address these issues in two ways.

Either have your visitors and customers involved or you and your staff can add to your hourly cleaning routine.

You may have Alsco’s soft kitchen wipes beside the phone and a hand sanitizer. Add an appealing catchphrase like “Don’t spread it, wipe it” – your imagination and creativity is key to this project.

Telephones in the kitchen area should be a major concern. This is the part of the restaurant where food is kept and handled all the time. It goes without saying that extra care is essential.

Have your crew involved, and if you can do it with your customers, it will be a lot easier to implement simple rules around the kitchen.

The Mats that Matter

On average, the pairs of feet that enter your establishment can bring in a little over a hundred grams of dirt per day. That is the primary reason why floor mats regulate the inflow of travelling dust and grime.

The biggest question, however, is how efficient your mats are in keeping up with their purpose.

The rental lift-and-lay mats from Alsco is a trusted solution for providing excellent results.

They are many times better than ordinary mats you find in the market. Check this link out to learn more.

Washroom Dispensers – Touched by Unwashed Hands

It is ironic that a tool that dispenses soap and sanitisers can actually be a breeding ground of germs and disease. They can spread throughout your washroom like wildfire, it can most likely contaminate other areas of your establishment too.

A better and healthier alternative is to go with the industry trend in sanitizer and soap dispensers. Touch-free dispensers are making a new wave in the market. A regular dispenser can cost around $0.028 USD per hand wash considering all factors.

An automatic no-touch dispenser ensures that only the required amount of soap is dispensed each and every time – making it brilliantly economical.

As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” Hopefully, we were able to guide and help you be more conscious about your restaurant’s cleanliness.

Alsco is an industry leader in providing healthier, safer, and greener solutions. We can offer customized solutions to tailor-fit your needs.

Contact us now and our professional sales representatives are on standby to answer your questions and give you a free quote.

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