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Benefits of Managed Garment System

Garment Tracking

Our customers receive a simple, fail-proof method of tracking and monitoring the movement of garments in and out of their premises and invoicing them accordingly.

Alsco has developed a solution through the use of Barcode labels. They hold a unique number that is assigned to individual garments. Once the number is allocated, the system stores the following information:

  • Wearer or Pool Name
  • Account name
  • Department
  • Garment style and size
  • Garment age
  • Number of washes
  • Last pick-up and delivery


Each time the uniform is scanned its information is stored in our data management system. From this information, we are able to produce invoices and management reports on actual usage, as well as individually tailored reports to meet your requirements.

tracked all the way

The garment tracking system has been developed internally and tested extensively, ensuring a safe and reliable service. After careful consideration of your organisational requirements gained through site inspections and information provided by your local branch, we believe a managed personalised garment system is the correct solution for your needs.

A managed personalised garment system operates by allocating each individual employee their own garments and personalised locker. The garments are allocated unique barcode numbers that are linked to the wearer and cross-referenced to their locker number.

Our Service Delivery Person will deliver the garments into each employee’s personal locker and scan their soiled uniforms to provide usage reports.

Supply Stock

Each managed garment wearer will be issued with sufficient circulating stock to ensure they have clean uniforms available for the start of each shift. For example, if a wearer requires 5 changes of clean garments per week, Alsco will issue that wearer with an inventory of 11.

The reason why we invest in that level of inventory is to keep 5 in lockers, 5 in the laundry and one being worn. You will then simply be invoiced the unit price per garment multiplied by the agreed number of changes per week.

garment lockers

This managed personalised garment system provides you with the following services inclusive of the unit price per garment;

  • Sufficient inventory of the garment;
  • Correct sizing and fitting of current and new employees;
  • Every garment laundered to AS4146:2000 or better;
  • Delivery of clean garments into personalized lockers;
  • Removal of soiled garments;
  • Specific wearer barcode labelling;
  • Repairs undertaken when necessary;
  • Garment replacements that are due to wear and tear;
  • Size changes on garments when necessary;
  • Soiled garment bins;
  • General tidying of change rooms;
  • Management reporting;
  • Overall system management.

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