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How to Effortlessly Ensure Safety in an Automotive Workshop

Working in the automotive industry is really demanding whether you work in a marketing department or a workshop. However, working in an office is at least safer option.

People who work in an automotive workshop work in a pretty tough environment. They are surrounded by hazardous chemicals, many machines, high temperatures and they usually spend all the time in very tight spaces.

This does not sound like fun, right? It is even less fun when you think of the legal regulations which come after someone gets injured.

So, in order to make sure your employees are safe and take care of their safety, there are many issues you have to consider. And yes, some of them will include the fundamental ones, like ensuring first aid solutions for their workplace or providing them with high-performance industrial workwear.

Having in mind that automotive workshop owners usually do not have much spare time, here are some straightforward tips and activities that will do the job.

Make Sure Your Employees Are Well-Trained

When hiring people, everyone will hire someone who knows how to do the job, right? However, your care about your employees’ education and training does not stop after the first trial month of their work.

Working in any type of workshop, and especially an automotive workshop can be extremely dangerous. This means that workers could get injured at any moment. Nobody wants this of course. So, the first thing you can do in order to prevent your employees’ injuries is to provide proper safety training. This is one of the best ways to avoid accidents in your workshop.

Get Your Automotive Workshop Cleaned Regularly

Keeping your workplace spotless and sanitised is a highly important step in providing safe working conditions. Cleaning and wiping the floors, machines and machine parts, tool and keeping all the chemicals in the appropriate containers in a proper space will significantly reduce the level of injuries.

Ensure Safety in an Automotive Workshop

If the floors are clean and dry, nobody can slip, right? Furthermore, if all hazardous chemicals are put in containers and marked appropriately, nobody could get confused and take the wrong one and get poisoned, for example. So simple, but very effective.

Maintain the Machines Properly

Machine maintenance basically means keeping the machines and all their parts in good condition, operating safely and efficiently. This includes activities such as servicing, replacing, repairing, testing and inspecting the machine and all the necessary equipment.

By doing this, you do two things. Firstly, the chances of someone getting injured because of the inadequate condition level of the machines are really low. Secondly, taking care of the machines and equipment means they will last longer. Aren’t these great benefits from one step?

Provide Adequate Uniforms for the Employees

Now, when working in an automotive workshop, uniforms are everything but just a piece of clothes! They have a much bigger purpose here than looking good. In this case, they are protection for your employees.

Safety in an Automotive Workshop

So, you should definitely invest in good quality uniforms which will keep your employees protected from the heat, hazardous chemicals and other dangerous situations that may occur.

Make sure every employee gets the right size of their protective workwear and always have in mind that you are not investing in some fashionable clothing here. You invest in your employees’ health and nothing is more important than that you’d agree.

Create Reminders

Giving clear instructions is crucial in keeping a high safety level in your workshop. Make sure you always give clear instructions to your employees. Otherwise, they may cause danger to all the people in the workshop just because they failed to understand their task. One more great thing to do in order to prevent disasters from happening is to make a reminder board in your workshop. Or a poster if you like that more! The important thing is that your employees always have in mind all the dangerous situations which may occur and what to do if they happen and how to prevent them. When they have a visual reminder in front of them, or they pass by it many times during the day, it will stay in their mind much longer, and they will be more cautious.

If you find this a bit funny, maybe you should know that people were doing this ‘reminder trick’ many, many years ago. Some things are so good that they do not need a change, just a small update, wouldn’t you agree?

Having in mind that many automotive workshop owners really have to think about a significant number of details when running a business and that they do not have much spare time to think about all these things, here is great news – Alsco can help you, as you might have noticed so far.

For instance, cleaning all the dirty and greasy parts is a piece of cake with Alsco’s Ecosafe Washer. Not only that it saves time, but it is environmentally-friendly as well, and it is always an awesome thing when you can do your job in a bit greener way!

Do not hesitate, call Alsco now, and our friendly representatives will help you to get the best possible offer!

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