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How To “Green-Up” Your Electronics

There are 3 main things you need to have in mind while on the way to a green workplace:

  1. Reduction of paper usage
  2. Environment-friendly products for cleaning
  3. Complete certainty that staff switch electronic devices off when they are not using it

You also have to ensure that that the supplies you want to purchase are as eco-friendly as possible.

Well, good news! Ensuring that your electronic devices are actually green just got easier.

Greenpeace has made a helpful Guide to Greener Electronics to help you make your business decisions greener.

The guide “ranks leading mobile phone, TV and PC manufacturers on policies and practices to reduce their impact on the climate, produce greener products, and make their operations more sustainable.”

Eco-Washer For Your Car Parts

The Alsco Ecosafe Washer is the key to a safe and economical car part cleaning. Moreover, it doesn’t require the use of any harmful solvents. Ecosafe Washer is not only performing better than the other part washers! It also uses a bioremediation to efficiently clean engine parts. Therefore, there is no need for chemicals and there is no waste products.

Whatsoever, the Ecosafe Washer is not harmful to employees. Without any exposure to toxic fumes, OH&S becomes much simpler.

We are offering you a free demo on the Ecosafe Industrial Washer! That way you can experience its benefits for yourself.

Don’t let this opportunity slip! Contact Alsco now!

Photo courtesy of Freepik Images by xb100

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