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Keeping Your Workers’ Safe: Be First Aid Ready with Alsco

Is your workplace capable of giving immediate care during emergency cases?

First aid readiness is required to enhance the safety of your employees. After all, a quick response can mean the difference between life and death.

A workplace first aid kit also ensures that legal guidelines for health and safety in employment are met.

Not having the appropriate first aid kits available could put you at risk to WHS penalties of up to $1,000,000.

If you want a fully managed, hassle-free safety solution for your first aid needs, contact Alsco now.

Why is Workplace First Aid Kit Important?

First aid can save lives in a number of situations. For instance, immediate CPR treatment can increase the chances of survival for heart attack. It can provide immediate and effective first aid to injured workers to help speed up recovery.

Health and Safety in Employment Regulations 1995 states that employers are required to take all steps to ensure:

  • First aid facilities are provided at every workplace
  • Facilities are suitable for the purpose for which they are used
  • Facilities are provided in sufficient numbers
  • Facilities are maintained in good order and condition
  • All employees have access to these facilities

There are about 100 work-related fatal injuries in New Zealand every year. First aid readiness can protect your business so that injured individuals may be able to return to work quicker, with lesser treatment costs.

Why Choose Alsco for First Aid Readiness?

Most employers find first aid kit compliance confusing and tedious. Hazards need to be identified so that adequate supplies can be maintained. Why not leave it to the experts? Choose a provider that offers a managed first aid service.

1. Managed first aid kit

Alsco’s service keeps your business safe and compliant all year round. Your kits will be stocked with carefully chosen, hospital-grade supplies every quarter. No matter your business, Alsco tailors their services to meet your unique needs.

With Alsco’s managed first aid service, you just have to pay a single annual fee. A dedicated team will be in charge of installation, restocking, budgeting, and legal compliance. We actually take care of everything!

2. Hospital-grade contents

Hospital-grade supplies can provide superior performance. That’s why Alsco includes only the highest-quality, long-lasting first aid supplies as part of our service. We also follow the quantities prescribed by the ANSI and WHS standards.

For a single annual fee, Alsco limitlessly restocks your first aid kit at no additional cost. The contents are stored in a sturdy, highly-visible cabinet that can be installed in strategic locations in your workplace.

3. Use-defined organisation

To deliver effective first aid, contents need to be organised and clearly labelled. With Alsco, supplies are grouped into injury-specific, colour coded modules. For example, a ‘burns’ module, eye module, and serious injury module.

Each module is individually shrink-wrapped, which acts as a safety seal. This way, injuries are treated with the right kit as quickly as possible. The expiry date is also written in large, easy to read font.

4. Fast and reliable service

Each Alsco first aid kit is replaced and restocked every 3 months and designed to be serviced in under 5-minutes. A service agent is tasked to check and maintain eight items, which includes seven modules and a door liner.

The goal is to keep the disruption caused at the customer site to a minimum. A brand new liner is installed and modules are replenished at each service. This will help keep your workplace safe and legally-compliant 24/7 all year round.

Alsco’s First Aid Rental Service

Alsco offers a convenient and affordable solution to first aid compliance. Clients can avoid spending too much on the required supplies, cabinets, and refills. Not to mention appointing someone to maintain it.

You no longer have to worry about penalties or legal costs with Alsco’s rental program. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your first aid kits are auditable to WHS guidelines. A flat fee already includes all services and consumables.

No matter how big or small your workplace is, Alsco can help you find the right first aid kit to meet your needs. Alsco also offers portable defibrillators, eyewash stations, and vehicle first aid kits.

Be first aid ready! Get in touch with us for a fully managed, hassle-free, safety solution.

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