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12 Unexpected Benefits of Workplace Wellness Programmes

The history of workplace wellness originated from Bernardini Ramazzini, an Italian physician.

He is believed to be among the first people to write about the work exposure effects that employees face, Including occupational diseases.

Bernardini believed that putting preventative measures into place would improve employees’ well-being.

Nowadays, the industrial revolution caused various new health issues and injuries due to the way work were designed and framed.

Here are 12 unexpected benefits from workplace wellness programmes.

Unexpected Benefit #1: They Enhance Behaviour and Minimise the Risk of Lifestyle-Related Illnesses

Many employees spend the better part of their days sitting at a desk. This can lead to many lifestyle-related diseases. However, wellness programs can help break that monotonous routine. Employees benefit from sport-related programmes by keeping some of these illnesses at bay.

Rand Health Quarterly published a study report on Workplace Wellness Programmes. The report concluded that a wellness program can minimise risk factors. It could also enhance healthy behaviours if it involves lifestyle management interventions.

It also found that these effects were clinically meaningful and sustainable over time. This confirms that wellness programmes can help contain a lifestyle-related illness epidemic. Lifestyle-related illnesses are a major driver of premature mortality and morbidity.

Health behaviour change is hard to meet. These programmes can motivate employees to engage in long-term behaviour change. Therefore, they are more valuable than traditional health interventions, which are less effective. Most traditional methods focus on individual willpower.

Unexpected Benefit #2: Meditation-Focused Programmes Could Minimise Stress

male employee performing yoga inside the office

Many workers report dealing with a lot of stress at their workplaces, which can cause mental health problems.

Develop a wellness program that focuses on mindfulness and you’ll notice a huge reduction in workplace stress.

The Journal of the American Medical Association published a study on the benefits of meditation and concluded that people can reduce depression, stress and anxiety through meditation.

The best part is that meditation is an inexpensive art to practise. All you need is a quiet conference room and free guided mindfulness meditations.

Unexpected Benefit #3: Enhance Employment and Employees’ Retention

Many employees will want to stay at a job where their health and well-being is a priority. Employees are more motivated when their employer cares about their quality of life. This includes programs that address their financial, physical, social and emotional health.

This sort of attention encourages loyalty, and employees will be more likely to stay with your company for a long time. Make sure all your employees are aware of the programme and know how to be part of it, whether it’s via yoga classes or simply a gym discount.

Unexpected Benefit #4: Building Camaraderie Among Workers

group of people doing a yoga post

Some wellness programmes offer employees chances to come together and form teams. When your employees interact in activities besides their job, they create strong friendships. This helps them work well when put in teams at work.

Unexpected Benefit #5: Increases Employee Morale

When your employees feel appreciated, they become enthusiastic and passionate about their job. Happy and satisfied employees equal happy clients.

Unexpected Benefit #6: Enhances the Quality of Life and Sense of Well-being

Workplace wellness programs advocate for smoke-free environments. They also help improve sleeping patterns and reduce back issues. Your workers might also benefit from weight loss and go back home in a positive state.

Some programs advocate for healthy eating. When you eat healthier foods and do relaxing exercises, you’ll feel energised and fresh.

When your employees exercise and stop smoking, they avoid some illnesses. This leaves them with a better quality of life and a healthy outlook.

Unexpected Benefit #7: Reduce Healthcare Costs

The best way to save on healthcare costs is by offering your employees lower insurance premiums. This is possible if they are willing to stay healthy. Wellness programmes can help them with that. Here are more benefits:

  • Happier insurance companies: When your employees are healthier, even the insurers are happy, as they don’t have to pay for any claims.
  • Lower premiums for your employees: They will get healthy and save money at the same time.
  • Better health: Your employees will also enjoy longer, healthier lives. They won’t need to use a lot of money taking care of their health.
  • Low health costs: Healthier employees with equal lower health care costs and insurance fees.

Unexpected Benefit #8: Better Company Culture

Wellness programs bring employees and their employers together at an informal gathering. They can feel at ease in interacting with each other outside the office. You’ll get to know your employees better and build a new company culture.

Unexpected Benefit #9: Attract Talented Employees

Talented workers are no longer chasing after money when applying for a job. They understand the importance of balancing work and personal life. Since they know wellness programmes can help with this, they are likely to apply to a job that offers them.

Unexpected Benefit #10: Employees Get Fit and Fulfill Their Goals

More than 62% of employees in New Zealand agree that wellness programs help increase productivity. When employees exercise regularly and eat healthily, they become more productive. Poor health behaviours lead to chronic diseases and higher health risks.

People set new resolutions every year. These resolutions include going to the gym and living healthier lives, but most of the time, their tight work schedules won’t allow them to follow through. They end up pushing their health-related goals onto the next year.

Wellness programmes give employees the chance to get fit by taking part in various activities. It could either be gym memberships or joining sports or walking clubs. Such activities help them get their mind and body healthier and achieve their goals. With fulfilled goals, your employees will concentrate more on their job.

Unexpected Benefit #11: High Job Satisfaction

corporate man and woman shaking hands

Workplace wellness programs influence worker satisfaction. In fact, 3 out of 4 employers agree that their programmes have improved worker satisfaction.

70% of employees participating in these programs were more satisfied with their jobs.

The International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans also carried out another Survey Report. They found out that employees were 67% more satisfied when offered these programmes.

Unexpected Benefit #12: Boost Market Valuation

A report published by the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine concludes that companies that invest in their workers’ health and well-being had higher market valuation. They compared them with other firms that were publicly traded. Wall Street investors affirmed these findings. Their argument is that these programmes may play a role in a company’s stock performance.

Invest in a wellness programme to enjoy an outstanding financial performance. Such initiatives take time, which is why you need to plan and put them in place now.

The Sum and Substance

Should you invest in workplace wellness programmes? The above 12 benefits make it appear so.

Healthy and happy employees are more productive. This is a win-win situation for your business. Workplace wellness initiatives increase employee morale, productivity, retention and reduce health risks.

There is a clear connection between your business performance and good employee performance. An effective programme should take care of your workers’ total well-being. All these benefits surpass the costs.

As you invest in a good wellness programme, remember what matters more: providing a clean and hygienic workplace for your employees is crucial.

Clean washroon with soap dispensers by Alsco

Maintaining clean and hygienic washrooms motivates your workers to maintain the hygienic levels. They also pay attention to their personal hygiene. This has a positive effect of boosting staff morale, wellness and productivity. Your brand reputation and culture will also benefit.

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Image: Freepik by @yanalya
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