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Why Your Office Bathroom Is Missing The Mark (and How To Fix It)

Sometimes working in an office is not an easy task because of limited space. This often includes the office bathroom.

Bathrooms are already quite an intimate setting for everyone.

So leaving your clean bathroom at home to get to a dirty one at work can be a traumatising experience all on its own.

Looking for a clean bathroom outside of the office is time-consuming. It wastes work hours and drains a significant amount of energy.

This list of five office bathroom supplies is what employees need to feel happy and comfortable in their workplace environment.

They spend a significant portion of their lives in this environment, so it’s worth attending to their wellbeing if you want them to be productive.

Washroom Fix: Air Freshener

This neutralises bad smells and makes the environment better to work in. Walking into an office bathroom that always smells like fresh roses is a signal to the employee that their employer cares about them and values them.

Automatic air fresheners are a popular option these days. They release scents discreetly and regularly without human intervention.

They have little need for servicing for up to 8 weeks. This reduces the spread of germs caused by handling air fresheners by users.

According to research, aromatherapy improves employee productivity. Certain scents, such as cinnamon and peppermint, boost employees’ attention and focus.

Washroom Fix: Hand Wash and Sanitiser

Hand Sanitisers

Powerful, alcohol-based Hand sanitiser

Some employees have a legitimate fear of bathroom sinks or surfaces. Who wouldn’t? It’s well-known that bacteria can come from any surface in an indoor ecosystem.

Hand hygiene products are definitely an office bathroom supply that employees need.

All you have to do is place your hands underneath the sensor. A well-calculated amount of the product comes from the machine on to your palms.

The beauty of automated hand hygiene products is that you don’t need to press any button to get the product out.

These dispensers are available in any colour or design to match your bathroom decor. This way, your office bathroom gets a stylish upgrade.

Client interaction is the norm in the workplace. Workers interact with others and touch various things during work hours.

Without a proper office hand hygiene system, the health of workers is at great risk.

Washroom Fix: Toilet Sanitiser

You may be wondering if toilet sanitisers are effective. Demand for these products is on the rise, as toilet seat sanitiser kills 99.99% of bacteria found on the toilet seat. This is important as the surface of the seat is in direct contact with the skin.

The fact that you must place your posterior where others have placed theirs can be confronting. When you think of it that way, you then realise how serious it actually is.

Sitting on a contaminated toilet seat can expose you to pathogens and cause illnesses. So it’s important to use both toilet sanitiser and hand hygiene products to ensure proper hygiene of all workers.

Washroom Fix: Feminine Hygiene Units

Your female employees are busy enough with work and home life, and feminine hygiene shouldn’t add to their stress levels. Sometimes women forget to pack essentials in their work bags, such as sanitary pads, leading to many an ‘uh-oh’ moment.

Sanitary pad dispensers in the office bathrooms can be a very welcome addition in these situations and will allow your female employees to continue working without interruption to their day.

Female employees also need a discreet and hygienic way to dispose of used sanitary products – feminine hygiene units are an essential bathroom item that should be installed and maintained in every female workplace washroom.

Washroom Fix: Posters On Bathroom Etiquette

Reminders on the walls are useful in maintaining good hygiene practices among workers.

Mistakes are part of human nature, and so is forgetfulness. After a stressful day, sometimes we rush without flushing or even washing our hands.

Hey, it happens sometimes.

This is why we need reminders to help instil proper bathroom etiquette culture.

These posters are available for free online, saving you money and time.

Why Office Bathroom Supplies Matter

There are many reasons why your office bathroom is important. Washroom supplies play an important role in improving bathroom etiquette.

Good washroom habits can help improve work and personal relationships. Both employers and employees use office bathrooms. Your cleanliness says a lot about you to your workmates.

We all have a basic need for a clean and healthy environment. This is important in protecting yourself and others from health risks.

Washrooms are an Essential Part of Being Human

Studies show that an adult spends an average of one hour and forty-two minutes in the bathroom every week. Imagine how much we spend in the bathroom during our entire lifetime.

Using the bathroom is an essential part of life.

A survey showed that 94% of people would not go back to a place with a dirty bathroom. Dirty bathrooms lead to loss of company business in the long run.

Keeping your office bathroom clean is part of doing business.

Health Risks Affect Business

Good office bathroom hygiene means fewer sick days for workers.

When the health of workers is at risk, they take more sick days. When workers don’t show up at work, the impact on the business can be quick and damaging.

Efficient office bathroom supplies ensure proper hygiene, a healthy working environment and fewer sick days.

Hygiene Affects Employee Productivity

Dirty bathrooms generally make people uncomfortable, whether it’s in a private dwelling, public facility or the workplace.

The location of some office bathrooms is near the general working space. A bad odour may diffuse and linger around the work area. This makes it difficult for employees to work or concentrate. Clients can also be affected.

Every time a client walks out due to poor workplace hygiene, it kills the morale of an employee and affects their motivation and productivity.

Bathrooms are the Face of the Office

A study showed that 89% of people use office bathrooms as an indicator of how the office values employees? So future employees are not going to be keen on joining companies with poor washroom hygiene.

Don’t let your washrooms be your Achilles’ Heel.

Change the face of your office washroom today by engaging the experts in washroom hygiene.

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