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4 Ways to Improve The Air Quality of Your Workplace

The air quality of the indoor space is extremely important for the health and productivity of your employees.

Not many people will notice the good quality of air in their workplace, but they will notice if it’s bad.

The indoor air can be very polluted, matching even the pollution levels of the outdoor air.

In cases when you have more people working in one room together, dirt and dust can really build up quickly.

If your employees complain about headaches, respiratory problems and coughing while they are working, the air quality can easily be the cause for those issues.

In order to prevent these problems, read about these 4 ways to improve the air quality in your workspace.

Keep Your Workspace Clean

Regular dusting and floor mopping do miracles! It is impossible to make your surfaces 100% clean all the time, of course, but dust can be reduced. So, what you have to do is to make sure that all the surfaces in your workplace are being dusted at least twice a day.

You can even use some dust control mats, as well. That will prevent the dust from piling up on the surfaces in your workplace since the mats will contain it and keep the dust levels in the air to a minimum.

That can further help with any respiratory issues your employees might suffer from, like reducing the number of asthma triggers and such.

Make Your Workspace Greener

Bring in plants to your workspace! Besides the decorative effect, plants have a huge role in improving the quality of the indoor air.


It is not really a secret that plants produce oxygen, right? And not only that, but they also absorb a lot of “bad air” and freshen up the air we breathe.

Ways to Improve The Air Quality of Your Workplace

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Everyone will enjoy the final result of this action – clean air and well-decorated workplace. And remember – as greener the office, fresher the air. Just make sure that you get the air-purifying office plants that don’t require too much maintenance.

Clean the Fans and Vents Regularly

The ventilation system is always extremely important when it comes to maintaining air quality. Especially if there are many people who work together in one room. No matter how big the room is, it is always a bit stuffy when there is a crowd.

So, the things that have to be done are regular cleaning and servicing of the ventilation system. Moreover, talk with your employees and ask them not to keep any boxes or furniture in front of the vents, since the airflow will be blocked in that case.

When talking about vents, you should not fail to mention fans, as well. They are used during the summer mostly and if not maintained properly, they will end up just throwing around dust and dirt all over the workplace.

In that way, the employees breathe in all the dust, germs and bacteria which can jeopardise the overall health of both the employees and office visitors.

Dispose of the Rubbish Properly

There is nothing worse than working in an office while the bad smell is coming out of the bin. Especially when the source is decomposed food scraps. It can be very unpleasant to work in such an atmosphere and it can cause nausea and headaches for some people.

Dispose of the Rubbish Properly

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In order to provide your employees and office visitors with the freshest air possible, make sure that all the bins are emptied regularly.

If you really want to improve, not only the air quality in your workplace but the health of your employees during the working hours, you should implement at least some of the above-mentioned suggestions.

However, if you are still not sure how to do it, Alsco could be the right choice for you. It offers a wide range of products that can help keep your workplace clean and fresh. You don’t have to invest too much into this all at once.

Moreover, you don’t have to buy anything at all, if you don’t want to – Alsco rents all the necessary equipment at a fair annual price that you can agree on with our friendly representatives.

Choose among different cleaning products, air fresheners and air sanitisers and even deep cleaning service if necessary. They will drastically improve the air quality of your workplace and make it a healthier and more professional venue. All you need to do is to contact Alsco now and find the best products for you.

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