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Linen Accomodation


Flexible linen solutions catered to your business

The state of your accommodation’s linens speaks volumes about you. Our premium linen products are each designed, manufactured and steam-cleaned in house for maximum quality control. With Alsco’s extensive range of crisp, comfortable, luxurious linens, let your accommodation say the best about your business.

Plush towels
Bath mats
Industry-specific linens
(hospitals, care facilities, health spas)

We pride ourselves in offering New Zealand businesses the diversity they need to excel in the accommodation industry. Alsco offers linen sheets, towels, robes and mats in an extensive range of shapes, colours and sizes.

Whether you’re a local B&B or a 5-star hotel… a luxury spa or a care home… rest assured that Alsco can provide you with a linen rental service to match your business’s exact needs, leaving your customer’s feeling indulged and satisfied – year round.

Fit your bathrooms with Alsco’s 100% cotton towels. From face cloths and bath towels to robes. Ranging from 500-600gsm, each towel is thick yet still feels soft, luxurious and highly absorbent.  Let your accommodation say the best about your business. 

Sheets and pillowcases for single, queen or king beds. Choose from our wide variety of absorbent bedroom linen to suit your needs and budget. Create a memorable experience for your clients. 



If you demand the pinnacle of quality and luxury for your business, Alsco’s Platinum Linen Service is for you. From soft, plush Egyptian cotton towels, through to deluxe high thread-count sheets with a luxurious sateen finish. Your clientele will never have felt so pampered and indulged in their lives with Alsco’s 5-star linen solution.

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