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Heavy-duty. Durable. Safe.

Heavy-duty. Durable. Safe. Alsco offer a wide range of long-lasting, high-performance industrial workwear that’ll protect your staff. Because nothing is more important than the health of your employees. 

Alsco offer a wide range of long-lasting, high-performance industrial workwear that’ll protect your staff.

When your business is of a physical nature, your staff’s uniforms aren’t just uniforms. They’re what distinguishes a happy, safe workspace from a hazardous, accident-prone one.

And with our managed rental service, you’ll always have fresh, crisp, hygienic uniforms at your business’s doorstep – no exceptions.

Your work is your business. But a high-quality laundered service has been ours for over a century. Our flexible range of industrial workwear…

  • Can be branded to improve your team’s morale and your company’s image
  • Come in a range of styles and sizes, including women-friendly fits
  • Made from tough, long-lasting fabrics (e.g. cotton drill, blends, flame/stain resistant)
  • Sourced from only the highest-quality manufacturers in New Zealand

Company logos emblems, name labels, bar codes and locker can be supplied to complete the whole package.


Choose from heavyweight to lightweight styles and fabrics, a range of colours and sizes and specifications depending on your particular work requirements. All around New Zealand, different workshops, garages and other workplaces manage to keep their staff reasonably clean and safe by using rented Alsco’s overalls.

Alsco overalls provide good protection, excellent comfort and a wide range of movement. They are regularly cleaned with the industrial level cleaning agents and processes.

The Alsco Dome Overall Suit is made of a breathable fabric and it does not absorb odours as easily as other fabrics. It is made with wide space sleeves for better mobility and comfort for your staff.

Since this is made of 100% cotton, it is ideal for those working in the outdoor conditions in New Zealand. It will help your staff feel cool and comfortable while at work.

The Alsco Cotton Drill Zip Overall is made of 100% cotton drill known for being durable. It can help the staff all over New Zealand feel cool and comfortable while at work.

And because the cotton made fabrics are breathable it does not absorb odours easily – it is like an oil based-fabrics. That makes this garment ideal for those working in an outdoor setup.

Give your employees excellent protective workwear that’s easy to slip into.

The Alsco Polycotton 2 Tone Overall is made of high-quality cotton and polyester fabric that offers comfort, toughness and durability.

It offers the strengths of the two fibers – the Polycotton garments does not easily tear and is also breathable while keeping your staff comfortable while performing their everyday task in the New Zealand weather.

It has an added feature where it protects your staff from any harmful chemical.

The Alsco Polycotton Dome Overall is made of high quality materials known to provide not only comfort but also safety. The poly cotton blend combines the benefits of the two fibers. It is breathable, tear-resistant and does not absorb odour easily.

It can also protect your staff from any harmful chemicals. It offers toughness and durability which can help your staffs’ productivity.

The Alsco Polycotton Zip Overall is designed not only to provide comfort, but also to keep your staff protected from any harmful chemicals and accident caused by machinery. It has proven itself to be an useful garment in the workplaces around New Zealand.

It is made with high-quality polyester fabric that is known for efficiency, durability, breathable and sweat-resistant. With this, your staff will be more productive and comfortable all throughout their shifts.


For most industries, polycotton blend garment is the favourable one. 

Alsco’s improved fit Pit Crew Shirt is available in short or long sleeve, XS – 3XL, plain or two tone with great colour options.

Whether you like a Plain Front Trouser or Cargo pant are all made of high-quality breathable polycotton blend fabrics. Sizes from 72 – 117 these modern designs with a relaxed fit provide comfort and easy mobility.


Workwear for exposure to molten metals and electrical hazards must meet exacting government standards. But protection in hazardous work environments is only half the battle. To be effective, this specialised workwear must be used properly and consistently so garments need to be functional, cool and comfortable even in the most extreme conditions. All the designs in our Fire-Retardant range come in two fabrics, each designed to protect against different industrial hazards.


Proban® garments are suitable for maintenance, work in utilities or welding situations where protection against molten metals is required. Proban® is a world leading textile Fire Retardant treatment applied to natural fabrics – in this case 100% cotton. Proban® provides the first level of fire retardance and peace of mind to both industrial and consumer markets. Our Proban garments offer Arc Rating Level II.

Megatec 300N

Megatec 300N garments are manufactured from a blended fire-retardant fabric which offers increased protection from radiant heat, small flames, arc flash and chemical splashes. Our mid-level FR range, Megatec garments are Arc Level II rated making them ideal for use in a range of work environments where FR and arc protection properties are required. They all meet all test requirements per NFPA 70E.

Special Product Features​

Each garment has been designed to ensure there are no openings which could catch or hold sparks or burning particles. Overalls feature a unique new comfort line which combines a raglan sleeve into the shoulder of a set-in sleeve and maximises ease of movement. The underarm gusset provides movement without pulling the lower half of the garment up when the arm is extended. Hip pockets are slanted for easy access while a flap keeps them closed and safe from stray sparks.

Press-stud closures keep tabbed pockets protected. A wrap-over collar and concealed zip add further protection against molten fragments. All zips and domes are heat resistant. We use FR retro-reflective tapes providing maximum protection for the wearers.

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