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4 Ways To Keep Your Washroom Clean And Safe

The importance of washroom hygiene is often neglected although it is one of the most used places in almost every office.

There are numerous benefits of a hygienically clean washroom. It prevents harmful germs and bacteria from spreading to other areas of the workplace, but it also boosts staff morale and saves the fabric of the building. It also affects attendance numbers and reduces ongoing running costs.

Some reports show that if employers invest money in hygienic workplace facilities, they will have the advantage of a reduction in absenteeism and an increase in productivity.

Employees should not be forced to tolerate poor hygienic conditions in their office washroom. That gives a whole lot of bacteria a chance to spread and thrive.

Here are 4 ideas of how you can keep that washroom safe and clean.

1. Hand Sanitation Is Top Priority

The most common means of bacterial transmittance is through unwashed, dirty hands. A bar of soap on the sink is usually enough, but it can easily slip and end up on the floor.

Also, it can never remain completely sanitary because it passes through too many hands. This is why dispensers are a better option as they ensure controlled releases and better hygiene since the product itself isn’t in direct contact with all the users.

At Alsco, we offer manual and automatic dispensers depending on the need for convenience. We also offer hand sanitizers that kill 99.99% of bacteria and ensure your workspaces are kept safe and hygienic.

All of these are customizable to the specific needs of your company. These can also be complemented by dryers and paper towel dispensers to your full satisfaction.

2. Clean The Loo

Everybody spends a whole lot of time on it and that’s why it is extremely important to regularly check its state.

Anyone sitting on it can easily transfer bacteria to the next person if it isn’t regularly and properly cleaned up. It is also crucial to take into account the safety of your employees as well so make sure to check those hinges on a regular basis.

Providing disposable seat covers is an excellent idea in ensuring that your employees are protected from possible bacteria transmittance. It’s surely no replacement for a thorough cleaning because there’s always more than meets the eye, but it adds to the overall safety.

Make sure to install a hand sanitizer dispenser at the most convenient spot in the washroom so your employees can easily and immediately clean their hands.

3. Control The Smells And Odours

Although odour control might not seem as important as keeping your washroom clean and safe, trust us that it can make a difference between a great experience and a bad one.

Odour control is definitely something you should consider as a clean and fresh-smelling washroom can have a positive impact on your employees, as well as your visitors.

With Also’s Odour Control products, you deal with odour problems efficiently. Our air fresheners are wall-mounted and use natural, biodegradable ingredients. They automatically release scent at intervals and are designed to last longer

Our auto sanitisers don’t just freshen your washroom. They are also highly effective at getting rid of harmful germs. Digital system ensures that germs and bacteria are wiped out 24/7.

4. Don’t Forget About The Safety

Slippages can be a very serious threat to safety. Spilt water, a freshly mopped floor, and just the wrong kind of shoes can endanger a non-careful employee. This can lead to serious injuries if proper precautions aren’t taken.

It is important to know that investing in safety precautions doesn’t have to be expensive. At Alsco we offer you our Managed Floor Mat Rental at affordable prices. Plus we include the cleaning and delivery in the cost.

Our mats are made from highly resistant materials. These have been proven to be able to absorb up to 80% of dirt and dust. They can either repel or absorb a decent quantity ensuring cleanliness and safety.

It is worthwhile investing in even little things when it comes to keeping your washroom clean and safe. This will not only ensure a comfortable employee experience, but it will also keep you far from harm.

For many years, Alsco has been a reliable provider of a wide range of high-end services and products to meet the needs of many businesses across a wide range of industries.

Our services and prices are fully customized so we can be sure that all your needs are met.

Call us today and we will help you choose the best plans and packages that most adequately satisfy your company’s needs.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Images by Hstoeffler

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