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Managed Bins vs DIY Sanitary Disposal System

Having a well maintained and clean washroom in your workplace can say a lot about your business.

Not only that, a clean washroom is important for ensuring that your employees and your customers are comfortable using them.

When you are designing a washroom that is not only comfortable and hygienic but welcoming to the users, it’s important that there is a suitable sanitary waste disposal system in place.

There are two options that you have when considering sanitary disposal in a businesses washroom. They are

They are:

DIY Sanitary Disposal

The first thing to make sure when considering a DIY sanitary disposal system is that you have the right equipment available. This includes lids on the bins which seal properly, in order to make sure that there are no horrible odours.

It’s also important to make sure that these bins are emptied regularly. On top of that, it’s important to provide signs to let the users of the washroom know where they should be disposing of their sanitary items.

If this isn’t done, then you run the risk of these items being flushed and having to pay for a plumbing service.

DIY Sanitary Disposal systems:

  • Biodegradable antibacterial liner – MAYBE
  • EPA approved sanitary disposal – NO
  • Sanitary bins removed and replaced during servicing – NO
  • Flexible servicing schedule in place based on the washroom’s traffic – NO
  • Easily recognised by users – NO

Managed Sanitary Disposal

When using a managed sanitary disposal system, there is no need for you to have signs in place for a woman to know the purposes of a sanitary bin. On top of that, there are many hygienic benefits in place, for example:

  • Bins are emptied regularly and cleaned if necessary, preventing odours and bacteria building up
  • Sanitary disposal units are properly sanitised with an anti-bacterial liner, ensuring maximum hygiene is in place and a pleasant fragrance is provided at all times.

Most importantly, all sanitary bins are emptied on a regular basis.

Managed Sanitary Disposal systems:

  • Biodegradable antibacterial liner – YES
  • EPA approved sanitary disposal – YES
  • Sanitary bins removed and replaced during servicing – YES
  • Flexible servicing schedule in place based on the washroom’s traffic – YES
  • Easily recognised by users – YES

Sanitary Bins from Fresh & Clean

The feminine hygiene service which is offered by Fresh & Clean is in place to ensure that both your female employees and your female customers are comfortable with your washrooms.

For convenience, the bins will be wall-mounted and easily recognisable. If you offer a changing facility, Fresh & Clean have a hygienic nappy disposal system in place which is equally as safe and hygienic as the sanitary disposal systems.

If you work in a school, for instance, make sure that you dispose of school washroom waste properly and that your school washroom is a safe and healthy place for all the staff and students.

Experience hassle-free waste disposals, avail Alsco’s fully-managed sanitary disposal system. Enquire now!

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