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5 Ways to Ensure You Keep Valuable Employees

Employees are the heartbeat of any company. This means that they must be well taken care of to stay loyal.

A new employee will join a company full of life and promise, but a company that takes care of its employees will ensure that they maintain that spirit.

One of the main reasons that employees tend to lose morale at work is disengagement by the management.

If employees feel that their supervisors do not engage them, they will over time start being absent, under-perform or leave the company.

This is a common problem everywhere and all that a company needs is to identify ways to keep the team intact.

Hire Team Leaders and Not Managers

It is important to note that a manager does exactly that – manage. It means that he or she is there to give directives and focus only on the bottom line. A team leader will take their team members by the hand and guide them. To keep valuable employees, have competent team leaders who will value and appreciate their team in the work environment.

People that only manage, shout orders and keep away from their team members can cause employees to either neglect their duties or resign. A company should consider looking for well-trained team leaders who will keep the team spirit up.

Offer Competitive Pay and Attractive Benefits

When new employees join a company, one of the main things that attract them is a good pay package and extra benefits. It is prudent for a company to have a favourable formula that gives staff a steady pay rise. This will ensure that you keep valuable employees. Aside from the basic pay, a good company will offer its team members suitable benefits. These include retirement benefits, access to loans or emergency funds among others.

Make sure that benefits are discussed from time to time to keep employees abreast of any changes to their terms of employment. Allow employees to connect with the management team often to discuss the remuneration framework.

Offer the Right Tools

To keep valuable employees, a company must provide the necessary tools and equipment. While it is obvious that new employees will receive the right tools and equipment to get started, many companies fail their teams when they do not upgrade systems or replace equipment as needed.

For example, slow and dated payment systems can be frustrating to not only employees but also to customers. A company must keep updating working systems to ensure a seamless working experience. Another example is employee uniforms, where applicable. Time and fashion will overtake a company if it keeps using old uniforms which can give the company a less impressive appearance and hygiene record. Companies like Alsco offer a Managed Uniform Rental Service. Alsco picks up the dirty uniforms from your company and replaces them with crisp, clean ones. Contact Alsco’s New Zealand office and get a free quote. Check out more about their services online.

Invest in Regular Training

When it comes to employee training, it goes beyond getting a trainer to come in and take them through presentations. The company can have regular team sessions to discuss their projects over a period of time, with their peers offering alternative or complementary solutions and pointers. This is an inexpensive and effective form of training.

Another type of training usually available is done off-site (like a retreat or out-of-town trip). Companies should consider taking valuable employees on such training sessions or forums because it can also be an excuse to give employees a mini-vacation. Companies should not shy away from these types of training as employees will return rejuvenated and set for work.

Companies can connect with organisations like the Restaurant Association of New Zealand. They have a 24/7 Helpline staffed by legally-trained experts who help members with issues like employment relations and licensing regulations among others. Companies can encourage employees to join such platforms to get some mentoring as well as get information and resources such as relevant research.

Have Friendly Competitions and Rewards

Depending on company resources, it is a great idea to have friendly competition in-house and perks or rewards. It is untrue that rewards are usually costly and there are low-cost rewards that a company can look into.

One of the most appreciated perks in any company is a bonus. This can come in regular intervals across the year, as a reward to top-performing staff or at the end of the year. Companies must ensure that the bonus system is fair across the board as hefty bonuses for management while the rest of the staff receive minimal bonuses is rather demoralising.

Another type of perk is flexible working hours. Companies offering flexible shifts for employees perform better because the staff is able to work around their life obligations. Also, flexible hours means giving staff a chance to make up for lost hours in the case of an emergency or unavoidable circumstances.

Friendly competition on factors like perfect attendance record, hitting or exceeding targets in record time and teamwork can get the employees giving their best in the workplace. Ensure that the competition is fair and transparent to keep them interested in a great performance. Make sure that the rewards are given in good time.

Finally, acknowledge special occasions in the office. Birthdays, anniversaries and completion of a training course are some of the special days companies can celebrate. It is also a good gesture to stand with a bereaved colleague or support them during memorials. These can be done in the office with some cake and drinks or during an off-site retreat.

What Other Perks Can a Company Offer Valuable Employees?

There are many perks, according to research by Seek, that can go a long way in keeping valuable employees.

  • Have a relaxation zone in the office. This can be a lounge, a games corner or a play area where employees can unwind after a long day or during a hectic project.
  • Give employees time to work from home; some companies do not see the importance of giving employees the opportunity to work out of the office for projects that can be done remotely. This can increase productivity and also gives employees a chance to relax between hectic periods at work.
  • Give some freebies once in a while. A company can offer movie tickets to a much-anticipated blockbuster, lunch or dinner vouchers and special event passes. Small perks like these will motivate the team and ensure valuable employees are retained.

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